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Tarzana Neighborhood Council

Tarzana Neighborhood Council
Animal Welfare Committee Meeting

01/12/2018 7:00 PM ~ 01/12/2018 9:00 PM
Tarzana Child Care Center
5700 Beckford Ave., Tarzana, CA 91356

Animal Welfare Committee Meeting

As you can see from the Agenda, which is attached below, we will be discussing and voting on several important resolutions:

Item 3, a resolution regarding the proposed Pet Shop Ordinance (Animal Rescue Ordinance), which will allow Animal Rescues to operate in commercial zones. This ordinance will keep other rescues from having to go through the ordeal that Rockin’ Rescue went through to remain open. Andrew Pennington, the Director of Land Use and Planning in Councilman Blumenfield’s office, will be at the meeting to discuss the proposed ordinance and hear our comments on it. Andrew was instrumental in saving Rockin’ Rescue and has been the leader in introducing this new ordinance in the City Council. See

Item 4, a resolution requesting the City Administrative Officer (CAO) to expedite finalization of an agreement with a Rescue Organization or Rescue Organizations to run the Jefferson Park Animal Shelter, and the opening of the Shelter. The sooner that shelter opens, the sooner it can start saving the lives of dogs, cats, and other animals.

Item 5, a resolution to provide a Neighborhood Purpose Grant (NPR) for Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL). Eileen Smulson, the Founder and Executive Director of OBOL, will be at the meeting to tell us about the work OBOL is doing, and how they intend to use the grant money.

Item 6, a resolution to switch the money appropriated for the purchase of a “Bone Pool,” a wading pool for dogs, to the purchase of Kongs, for the use of the Volunteers at the West Valley Shelter.

Item 7, a resolution regarding the Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commissioners’ recommendation that the Department of Animal Services report back with a feasibility analysis presenting the benefits and risks of providing an Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) approved, plant-based diet for Shelter Dogs.

At the meeting, I will give updates on the status of No-Kill at the City Shelters, the Jefferson Park Animal Shelter, the Community Cat Program (TNR injunction), Volunteers at the West Valley Shelter, and AB 485, the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act. Mary Aratounian will give an update regarding AB 1199, the Police Canine Encounters Protection Act.

And of course, anyone can raise any other matters of concern to you regarding Animal Welfare.

I hope to see you on Friday, January 12.
Best regards, Jeff

Jeffrey Mausner
Board of Directors and 2nd Vice President, Tarzana Neighborhood Council
Chairman, Tarzana Neighborhood Council Animal Welfare Committee
Neighborhood Council Liaison to Los Angeles Animal Services Department
Volunteer, West Valley Animal Shelter
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Cell phone: (310) 617-8100

  Agenda for January 12, 2018 TNC Animal Welfare Committee Meeting ,01/02/18
  Draft Minutes for September 11, 2017 Animal Welfare Committee Meeting ,01/09/18
  Documents for January 12, 2018 Animal Welfare Committee Meeting ,01/04/18
  Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils Resolution Supporting Trap, Neuter, Return ,02/02/18
  Animal Welfare Report to Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils, Jan 11, 2018 ,02/02/18
  Presentation to Board of Animal Services Commissioners by Jeff Mausner, 11-14-2017 ,02/18/18
  Draft Minutes for January 12, 2018 TNC Animal Welfare Committee Meeting ,03/13/18



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